Thursday, April 12, 2018

Automotive Service Technology Update 4-12-18

The Thursday meeting will be held at the SLCC Miller Campus in the MATC building room 216 at 5:30pm
Have your students bring a current resume.
A 100 question automotive test will be given at this time.
The Friday competition schedule will be explained.
Clothing requirements will be discussed.

Ed White -

Monday, April 9, 2018

Engineering Technology / Design Contest Update (issued 4-9-2018 _hlbezzant)

Utah SkillsUSA Engineering Technology / Design Contest Update  (issued 4-9-2018 _hlb)

Friday, 13-April-2018, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm   SLCC Redwood / Taylorsville Campus (Student Center – STC)
SLCC Redwood Campus / 4600 S. Redwood Rd. SLC / Student Center (STC -- room STC 217)

10:00 am – 10:30 am      CHECK-IN, PRE-CONTEST MEETING and ENGINEERING CHALLENGE.   (MANDATORY – no show = disqualified!!!)
                                    Contestant number will be assigned and competition times will be randomly selected. Explanation of contest procedures and timeline. Official clothing judged during Engineering Challenge. Resumes collected. A short Engineering Challenge will be given. It is a manufacturing process, done with hand tools, reading a design sketch and producing a small parts assembly. The team will also hand write a single-page narrative of what they did to produce the part and assembly, then describe how they might mass manufacture the part and assembly. All tools and materials will be provided by Tech Committee, so the team will have to organize, plan, be creative, and document as they go. NO ADVISORS IN AREAS!!! Please plan to arrive early.
Please read the national requirements and rules. 
Each team will be allowed a:
5-minute setup, 10-minute presentation time (deduct for over 10-minutes), 5-minute Q & A (question & answer) by the judges, and a 5-minute judges consulting time / buffer.   NO FOOD OR DRINK IN SLCC CLASSROOMS!!!  NO ADVISORS IN AREAS!!!
12:35 pm – 1:35 pm        Judging.  NO COMPETITORS OR ADVISORS IN AREAS!!!

6:00 pm  (LAC bldg.)        Closing Ceremonies and Awards
8:00 pm  (LAC bldg.)        National Contestant Meeting (Mandatory for 1st place winners)

Please review the SkillsUSA Technical Standards for the contest and plan accordingly.
Also, bring pencil and eraser for sketch. You may use any software you would like and to which you have a legal license. BRING EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR THE CONTEST!!!

You need to bring your own computer / device (school's or personal) but neither SkillsUSA nor SLCC is responsible for any of your "stuff". Please understand the following:

1.      Make sure your presentation works and runs your software when you are away from your school.  Many school computers are set up to run on their network only.  Test it to make sure you can operate and know how to login.

2.      You will need to be able to run and support your own computers and software.  You should understand how to do so on your own.

3.      There will be no network connections available so have all that you need on your computer or device.

Architectural & Technical Drafting -- UPDATE 9-APRIL-2018_hlbezzant

Utah SkillsUSA Architectural and Technical Drafting Contest Update  (issued 4-9-2018 _hlb)
Thursday, 12-April-2018, 5:00 – 7:00 pm   SLCC Redwood / Taylorsville Campus (Rampton Technology Bldg.)
TB 301B (old 404B) (Architecture) & TB 305B (old 406B) (Technical) – 4th floor of Rampton Technology Building.
4:45 pm – 5:00 pm          Check-In for Pre-Contest Meeting (MANDATORY) AND Login.
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm          Pre-Contest Meeting (MANDATORY – no show = disqualified U.O.W.!!!)
[Bring PRINTED paper copy of résumé!!! We will take a Skills Knowledge Test specific to the discipline you are competing in (bring a pencil with eraser, scales, triangles, etc.). We will also discuss the contest for the next day and review any concerns. We will judge clothing portion of contest on Friday – which means that you may wear any appropriate professional clothing you would like on Thursday night.] NO ADVISORS IN AREAS!!!
7:00 pm – on                      You are on your own. Be safe, sleep well, and come prepared for the contest.

Friday, 13-April-2018, 7:00 am – 1:00 pm   SLCC Redwood / Taylorsville Campus (Rampton Technology Bldg.)
TB 301B (old 404B) (Architecture) & TB 305B (old 406B) (Technical) – 4th floor of Rampton Technology Building.
7:00 am – 8:00 am           Check-In and computer login / test print (MANDATORY – PLAN TO BE EARLY)
*IF YOU ARE BRINGING YOUR OWN LAPTOP/COMPUTER, BE THERE AT 7:00 AND KNOW HOW IT LOGS INTO NETWORKS. HAVE EVERYTHING READY TO GO.  If it is a school computer, be sure it isn’t locked to only log into the school network, but that it will let you log into it at home for instance.  It needs to be free to boot up and have you log in. ADVISORS WELCOME IN AREAS (LIMITED)!!! Please plan to arrive early.
8:00 am – 12 noon           Contests Drawing Portion (MANDATORY – no show = disqualified!!!)
Please read the national requirements and rules.  We will be doing a sketch (bring a pencil with eraser).  Sketches will be done freehand only. Using straight edges is not part of the evaluation and will cause point penalties and maybe disqualification. The purpose is to evaluate freehand sketching techniques.  We will provide "B" size paper (maybe gridded) for this portion to help with the quality. You should also bring measuring scales and any other hand drawing tools you could need for measuring distances and angles on handout information, not sketches (no, not calipers). Please limit reference materials to the 1 cubic foot national rule.  You are responsible for all your own ‘stuff’.  NO FOOD OR DRINK IN SLCC CLASSROOMS!!! Headphones okay. We will judge clothing portion of contest today. NO ADVISORS IN AREAS!!!
12 noon – 12:30 pm        Plotting and printing.  What is not printed at 12:30 will not be judged, so plan to do a test plot before the contest begins and have an “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” sheet setup before you start drawing.  Yes, I would spend the entire week prior to the contest preparing, by placing things on sheets and properly printing them. Labs close at 12:30 pm for judging.  NO ADVISORS IN AREAS!!!
12:30 pm – 3:30 pm        Judging.  NO COMPETITORS OR ADVISORS IN AREAS!!!
6:00 pm  (LAC bldg.)        Closing Ceremonies and Awards
8:00 pm  (LAC bldg.)        National Contestant Meeting (Mandatory for 1st place winners)
**** Thursday & Friday – print room and drafting headquarters in TB 301A (new) 404A (old) ****
2018 Computers, Software, Tools

Please review the SkillsUSA Technical Standards for the contest and plan accordingly.

Please bring a set of manual tools, clearly marked with your name, for measuring any  drawings that may be included in the contest. Also, bring pencil and eraser for sketch. You may use any software you would like and to which you have a legal license to. 

1.       The College has the following software available – the latest and most current versions 2017/18:   AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Revit & ArchiCAD & AutoCAD Architecture.  Some of these are being loaded especially for SkillsUSA (SolidWorks & ArchiCAD & AutoCAD Architecture). SLCC does not normally use these software items in these labs and will run default installs. Therefore, the lab IT managers are unfamiliar with all issues that may arise and you will be responsible to “give it a test drive” and set it up as you need. Just note that if you are running extra add-ons and such at your school, they may not be available on SLCC computers, so you have to figure it out. All computers also have Internet access and Adobe Creative Cloud. No other software will be added.

2.       Printing will take place on 11 x 17 or 24 x 36 printers we have available by logging onto one of our computers – printing access cannot be given for those with their own computers.


You may bring your own computer(school's or personal) but neither SkillsUSA nor SLCC is responsible for any of your "stuff". Please, if you bring your own computers you need to understand the following:

1.      Make sure it works and runs your software when you are away from your school.  Many school computers are set up to run on their network only.  Test it to make sure you can operate and know how to log onto a different network (wireless & wired).

2.      You will need to be able to run and support your own computers and software.  You should understand how to print and set things up and be able to do so on your own.

3.      There will be no network connections available to the printers and so you will need to print to PDF and have a USB style FLASH drive to transfer that file from your computer to SLCC's computers and print the PDF from Acrobat.  This should be tested at your school before you come and you will have a chance to test the process at the College on Friday Morning during the setup time noted.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Graphics Sublimation Imaging - UPDATE 4/7/2018

Two things:
  • I have compiled a list of key terms related to the dye sublimation process. While it is comprehensive, I am sure it is not a complete list of everything related to dye sub production. My hope is your students can use it to prepare for the written exam. 

To access the key terms; CLICK HERE

  • PLEASE review with your students all the possible areas that prints can be mirrored when outputting prints to dye sublimation printers. Some drivers do this automatically, others do not. Some of the software plug-ins do it automatically, others do not. Some printing presets will do it automatically. I cannot account for the hundreds of different workflows what are out there, so it is best that the students know where all the possible and actual settings are, even on different operating systems. In the past students have done what they thought was the right way, only to be thwarted by it being done automatically somewhere else. I will do my best to inform contestants about the computers they are using for output. But it will be up to them to ensure that they have checked EVERYTHING before output.

Craig Milligan - Ed Team Chair - Graphic Sublimation Imaging Contest

Contact email:

Friday, April 6, 2018

Additive Manufacturing 4-6-18

2018 Additive Manufacturing Contest Update  (6-April-2018)  (Justin Andrews, Ed Team Chair)

The Additive Manufacturing contest will be held at WhiteClouds in Ogden, Utah (see address below)
This is a two part contest and will have activities representing each stage on separate days – Thursday (4/12) AND Friday (4/13), at WhiteClouds in Ogden, Utah.
·         Onsite Design and Print
·         Prepared Presentation of Team Project (focused toward Additive Manufacturing and Design)
This is a two team member contest. Team members must be present and participate in both stages.
(Nationals will occur over three full days, so be ready)
Time Line:
·         Welcome, Tour, and Questions Meeting at 2:00 pm Thursday (mandatory).
·         Onsite Design and Print, immediately following, at 2:30 pm Thursday to 5:30 pm Thursday (3 hours)
o   Contestants must bring their own computer(s) and chosen software.
o   Software will be open to the contestant’s choice but must be capable of dimensionally accurate part production and be able to export common Additive Manufacturing file types (STL, OBJ, AMF, and/or 3MF).
o   Contest specific design documentation will be created and must be exported/printed to PDF.
o   Check that computers, software licenses and cloud systems can work regardless of WIFI state. If you utilize a cloud based system, be prepared to provide your own mobile hotspot if needed.
o   Contest dress requirement will be mandatory
o   Calipers will be required.

o   During the contest time, contestants will prepare their file(s) for printing. Brand specific information will be provided, but contestants need general knowledge about slicing software and good practices for various technologies.
§  Any slicing related software will be provided through USB storage or web site.
o   After the contest, an official will print the prepared files on a single machine.
§  Due to this year’s time constraint, contestants will not have time to run the printer themselves or test prints.
o   Contest specific design documentation will be submitted and printed on paper by the official.
o   Resulting prints will only be judge on what the contestants had control over.

Important Note:
                Differences between Utah State competition and Nationals
o   The printer technology type and material will be announced during the contest. Thus, contestants could be designing for any of the additive manufacturing technologies (FDM, SLA, DLP, Jetted, Powder Bed, SLS, SLM…) and should have general knowledge of strengths and weakness of the technology.
o   See presentation print note below.

·         Prepared Presentation of Additive Manufacturing Project at 9:00 am Friday
o   Contestants will be called randomly and should be present and ready at the contest time.
o   Both contestants will be expected to participate.
o   Contestants may present their design, information, findings, and results in the format they choose. Professional expectations for presentations must be considered.
o   Presentation time cannot exceed 5 minutes.
o   Any presentation materials must be provided by, transported by, set up by, and cleaned up by the contestants.
o   Be ready to answer questions.
o   Written and printed material may be submitted to the judges during the presentation and questioning. This material will be cleaned up and removed at the presentation’s conclusion.
·         Important Note:
Any printing of designs, proto types, or tests must happen prior to the presentation. No onsite printing will be allowed for this stage.
o   Actual printing of the contestant’s project is not required. Only the presentation, provided information and materials, and answers will be judged.

Contest Location:
766 Depot Dr #8, Ogden, UT 84404
Located in the Ogden Business Depot off 12th street.

Justin Andrews
Computer Aided Design Instructor
Work Phone: 801-395-3797
Mobile Phone: 801-458-3274
Ogden-Weber Tech College

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Graphic Imaging Sublimation 4/3/18

Graphics Sublimation Imaging - UPDATE 4/3/2018


By having a student compete in this years Utah SkillsUSA Graphic Sublimation Imaging contest you are a member of the Ed Team. As Ed Team Leader I am asking for your help in acquiring prizes. Please bring items to the pre-contest meeting (preferred), or give items directly to Todd Slade or Craig Milligan. It is up to us to make this a positive experience for our students. It will be helpful to have you respond to this email and let me know ahead of time what you will be bringing so I can plan ahead.

You can get a sponsor to DONATE PRIZES or donate materials for prizes from your classroom storehouse (Sublimation items/blanks, Industry related tools, flash-drives, etc.) Anything will be helpful; gift cards are also a nice option. In the past we have had good support for this contest, and I hope it will continue.


·  Bring a hard copy of your resume to the pre-contestant meeting
·  A USB Flash Drive to store/move files between computer stations.

East High School / 840 S. 1300 E. SLC / Rm A306

·  You MUST be in attendance or you WILL be disqualified!!!!
·  Wear your official SkillsUSA competition uniform. (black shoes, black pants, white SkillsUSA polo)
·  You can bring your resume tonight, and I can hold it for you.
·  We will do a “walk through” and provide information in regards to the competition Friday
·  We will be taking the written test about common terms and scenarios in the Graphic Sublimation Imaging industry. Make sure you have your login information for the SkillsUSA Utah site. I don’t have access to it if you forget. The test will close that night.
·  You will be released to go GET SOME REST!!


East High School / 840 S. 1300 E. SLC / Rm A306
·  You MUST bring your resume or receive a penalty
·  You MUST be in official competition uniform or receive a penalty
·  After a quick roll call, you will start the competition. Sections will include the following:
o Design a set of four ceramic tiles using Adobe software
o Design a mousepad using Adobe software
o Print the designs created for the above items to proper specifications using a dye sublimation printer
o Use the heat press to produce the following items:
      • Hat Transfer (Design Provided)
      • Phone Case Transfer (Design Provided)
      • Ceramic Tile Design & Transfer (Designed by Contestant)
      • T-Shirt Transfer (Design Provided)
      • Mousepad (Designed by Contestant)
      • Latte Mug Transfer (Design Provided)
      • Flag Transfer (Design Provided)
o Quality control problem
o Job Interview

If you have any questions, please let me know. See you there!

Craig Milligan - Ed Team Chair - Graphic Sublimation Imaging Contest

Contact email:

Monday, April 2, 2018

Diesel Equipment Technology Resume 04/02/2018

Hello Contestants,
There will be a Resume and Interview Station in the contest. Please bring your resume to the         pre-contest meeting on Thursday April 12. Those who do not have a resume for the contest will receive a deduction in points for that station.

See you then

David Umphenour
Industry Chair

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

TV Video Production 3/28/2018

The sechdule for the 2018 SkillsUSA Utah State TV Video Production Contest will be as follows:

Thursday April 12th 
-Pre-Contest Meeting 12:30 - 1:00PM
-TV Video Production Contest 1:00 - 7:00PM
-Allotted Planning/Production Time 1:00 - 4:00PM
-Allotted Editing Time 4:00 - 7:00PM
-Video Turn In 7:00 - 7:15PM
Friday April 13th
-Judging/Screening 8:00AM - 1:00PM
(Time slot will be posted outside of screening room)

What you are allowed to bring for the contest are as follows: 
Power Strip and Extension Cords
ONE Computer
Editing Software
Video Cameras
Camera Support Systems
Microphones and Other Audio Recording Devices
Flash Drive to submit entry
AA Batteries

Equipment NOT Allowed:
Drones or Other RC Vehicles

This is the contest description. Please be sure your students are adequately prepared and understand that they will be judged based on professional production standards. 
"Teams of two contestants are required to plan and shoot a video (generally 30 seconds or one minute in length) on location. Video may be a commercial or a PSA (exact details and requirements will be revealed at Pre-Contest meeting). Editing is done in the contest area with special emphasis on professional production of the video by industry standards, quality of audio and video, and adequate conveyance of the “theme” to the viewer."

The test will be based on the strands and standards for Video Production I found on the UEN website:

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions that you may have.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Automotive Refinish Contest Info 3/26/18


I apologize for the delay in getting this posted.

I am going to put everything I can into this post but try and make it as simple as possible.

Please instructors make sure to get your students on board with the proper clothing and safety gear, in years past we have had very very close contests that could have been decided simply by having or NOT having some of these basic contest rules in place. My take is, I want the contestant with the best skills to win, dont let it come down to a uniform or safety violation.

Contestant needs:
Proper uniform

Proper Personal Protective Equipment and Safety items (I know SkillsUSA website lists that the contest will be taking care of these things, how ever the amount we ask from industry is already a large sum in materials and man power)

If you feel that you would like to bring your own tools or equipment you are welcome to, sanders, blocks, spray guns etc... please note SLCC Refinish Lab uses hi-flow fittings for their spray booth and "c type" fittings in the shop. We will not have extras on hand.

If you choose to bring your own spray gun, please bring a fitting cup. The cups we will be using are the Sata RPS system, if you have the proper attachment that is great, if not please be prepared.

Also we will be using hookit aka velcro type paper for DA sanders


We will be providing the cleaners/ sand papers and associated materials needed to get the blend panel prepared for color blend and clear coat

We will be using:

BASF Onyx color: Toyota 1F7

BASF RM DC21NB clear coat

We will have a few different Sata spray guns on hand to choose from. Popular choices for this material are: Sata 1.4 hvlp for basecoat, Sata 1.3 RP for clear coat. You will not be limited to this nor are you required to use these. These will be available to use at the tech night.


Like the last few years we will be doing a tech night for anyone who would like to attend. This is the one and only tech night we will be doing. If you care be there! Instructors- Students- Contestants- Parents welcome!

NCS Training Center
557 w. Billinis road
South Salt Lake , Ut

Monday April 9th 2018
5:00 pm until needs are satisfied.

-Covering any questions about the contest we can answer
-Discussion of BASF repair process for blend
-Hands on prep and blend of color and clear coat application, hands on is preferred, observing is welcome.

---Snacks and drinks will be provided---

If you have any questions about the contest, things I may be over looking etc... please email me and I will address them to the best of my ability and if needed will share here as a group.

Ronny Gilhespie

Monday, March 26, 2018


Welcome to the Contest Updates for the
Additive Manufacturing Contest
to be held at the 2018 Utah Leadership and Skills Competition. 

Ed Team Leaders and Technical Committee Chairs may use this website to post contest updates, or they may contact contestants directly.

Check here OFTEN for updates! Meaning at LEAST daily to start,
and several times a day as we get closer to the Competition.

Do one (or all) of the following to keep up on the latest information:

·         In the right column of this blog, you can subscribe to receive emails whenever a New Update is posted about a contest.
o   There is not a way to subscribe to receive emails about only one contest
o   *Please be sure to check the verbiage and contest name in the emails you receive to avoid confusion.

·         Click the Contest Name under 'Contests' (Also in the right column) to view ALL posts labeled for a specific contest
·         Use the 'Search' box towards the top of the screen to search for updates using key words.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Welding 3/23/2018



CONTEST:                               FRI, APR. 13TH   8:00AM – 12:30PM  (SLCC)

-THE PRE-CONTEST meeting, and contest will be held in the welding lab, located in the applied technology building ON SLCC MAIN CAMPUS

-resumes will be handed in during the pre-contest meeting

-materials & drawings will be handed out at the start of the competition


-please refer to the allowable tools list, for what you can and can't use

Allowable Tools (to be supplied by contestant):

·                     Welding Plyers
·                     Carbon Steel Brush
·                     Stainless Steel Brush
·                     Chipping Hammer
·                     File
·                     Flint Striker
·                     Set of Tip Cleaners
·                     Ruler or Tape Measure
·                     Set of Fillet Gages
·                     Square
·                     Compass or Protractor
·                     Punch and Hammer
·                     C-clamps
·                     Vise Grips
·                     Crescent Wrench
·                     Chalk, Soapstone, or Marker
·                     Pocket Calculator
·                     Lead Pencil
·                     Writing Pen

* Power tools are not allowed in the competition
** Cell phones are not allowed in the competition

 Required Safety Gear (to be supplied by contestant):

·                     Safety Glasses
·                     Welding Helmet (Auto-darkening is allowed)
·                     Welding Jacket
·                     Welding Gloves
·                     Oxy-Acetylene Goggles
·                     Welding Sleeves (Optional)
·                     Welding Apron (Optional)
·                     Steel Handling, or Cutting Gloves (Optional)

EXCALIBUR® 7018 MR  1/8"
FLEETWELD® 5P+  1/8"
SUPERGLAZE® 4043  3/32"
SUPERARC® L-56  .035"
ULTRACORE® 71A85  .045"